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Liquid O2 Helios System

Liquid Oxygen Helios System: A lightweight portable unit with a robust handle that allows for improved mobility and functionalities for patients. Contact Us Now!


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Helios Portable Liquid Oxygen Rentals

The portable system is Lightweight.  This system is designed to help patients who depend on oxygen, live fulfilling lives with minimal interruptions in their instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Examples of IADLs include housekeeping, preparing food, doing laundry, and shopping.  The portable lightweight system is simple for the patient or caregiver to fill directly from the stationary tank. This system comes with a shoulder strap allowing improved mobility and wheelchair-carrying capabilities if needed.

Liquid Oxygen Stationary Tank Rentals

The Helios Stationary tank is designed for patients who use a high flow of oxygen and are not bed bound.  The Helios liquid o2 stationary tank takes the place of standard cylinder tanks which are not only heavy but occupy a lot of space and can sometimes become a burden for patients to move about their home.  The patients are scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries are scheduled and technicians are dispatched to perform curbside filling at the patient’s home.

Liquid O2 Delivery Advantage


Guaranteed next day delivery on all orders received before 4 pm and provide same-day delivery

services in cases of emergencies (on-call fee may apply).

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